Doodle growth presented at Innovation Club in Fribourg

Doodle presentation in Fribourg
Doodle presentation in Fribourg

I was invited to present the Doodle story from startup to growth business at the Innovation Club in Fribourg, Switzerland. This Club is a community of students, professors, university staff and everybody who is interested in entrepreneurship and innovation. A good crowd of about 70 participants made this evening an interesting and inspiring event for both, the participants and myself as the speaker.

Rarely have I been discussing with such a diverse group in a University environment. The crowd was truly inspiring as it represented a very complementary and diverse audience, from chemists to physicians, from business students to PHD applicants.

And my experience fits clearly to the mission of the club: “… building bridges between people with complementary competences to co-create winning business ideas and foster innovation”. And let us be honest: this is the way forward to create new business ideas fostered by truly complementary skill sets. Other university towns should take this as an example to bridge the gaps between the many subjects.


My presentation focused on the Doodle timeline with our various successes including the launch of our new iOS and Android Apps last year, the opening of our Berlin Office and the strong growth in countries such as the US or Brazil. My aim was to present Doodle as a typical case for digital disruption and its initial growth based on its inherent virality.

Additionally the crowd on the night was interested in how a startup could come off the blocks, how financing could be obtained and how Doodle as a global example was able to grow internationally.

A few questions about our parent company Tamedia AG showed, that the audience was well prepared and knew the ins- and outs of the Swiss Media environment too well.

Here are a few pictures of the event, thanks again Innovation Club Team for the invitation to Fribourg. It was a real pleasure to present the Doodle case and to lead discussions with the audience.

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