How to choose the right wine for a business lunch or dinner

I was recently asked to explain my take on how to choose the right wine as a business professional. A friend of mine writes for the prestigious ‘Law Society of New South Wales’ in Sydney and plans a series of statements on this ever-young topic.

The challenge: you have 50 words to get your message across. And clearly, gone are the days when the saying ‘red goes with meat and fish likes white wine’ was the solution to all problems. So an easy way out with such simple message is no longer valid in 2015.

The heat was even rising, when I started thinking about the changes Australian restaurants underwent in the past 10-15 years with an influx of Asian or generally international cuisine. A dry piece of meat with a few mashed potatoes, such food offering in Australia’s less luxurious RSL’s is luckily a thing of the past.

How to choose the right wine for business dinners
How to choose the right wine for business dinners

Whether eating out in the big cities such as Sydney or Canberra today, or whether lunching and dining in the wine regions of Hunter Valley or the Southern Highlands: Australian cuisine has a lot to offer and the wine list quite regularly accompanies the dishes served on the day.

The pairing of food and wine, even wine by the glass, is an art, Australian restaurants seem to be mastering at ease these days. And based on these findings I wrote my take on the 50-word challenge from Sydney, it became a 60-word recommendation though.

So if you are interested in reading Australian wine experts’ advice on this topic, I’ll post the link here, when it is out.

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