Michael’s App des Monats: Flio für den Geschäftsreisenden

Flio airport service for the busy traveller
Flio airport service for the busy traveller

FLIO is the global airport application with teams based in Hamburg and Berlin. German serial entrepreneur Stephan Uhrenbacher (founder of Qype and 9flats.com ) and his team built the app in order to make the airport a more intuitive and enjoyable experience for the business traveller. FLIO offers comprehensive airport information, exclusive retail offers and access to lounge and transportation bookings.

I have started using this app since I travel a lot between the two Doodle offices in Berlin and Zurich and the many cooperation, marketing and PR meetings in various places around the globe. As a business traveller I get to spend quite some time in airports that I aim to spend productively while working or organising meetings directly when being at the airport.

One of FLIO’s key features is its ability to give users instant, one-click access to the official airport Wi-Fi, a real cool thing to have when being at an airport for the very first time. FLIO got me online in seconds by removing the step of entering personal details helped me circumvent fraudulent Wi-Fis. The app currently supports more than 350 free airport Wi-Fi networks worldwide.

FLIO is the one-stop solution for the most common challenges at airports. The app offers live-information like departure and arrival times or security waiting times. Besides that FLIO gives information about important facilities like pharmacies, ATMs and power plugs or exclusive offerings like napping areas, smoking rooms or SPAs. It offers exclusive offers and special discounts from retailers, including World Duty Free, Starbucks, Giraffe, Garfunkel’s and many more are available at nearly ever major airport. No wonder: the business traveller is a great target group and for sure has money (and here the time) to spend it.

What’s new at Flio?

Fly for the Business Traveller
Fly for the Business Traveller

With its recent release FLIO just added ability to book airport-related services within the app. So you already can book Heathrow Express to get into London and access to Aspire Lounges at UK airports, I will try this out when being in England early 2016 to talk to the press about the newest Doodle growth plans.

It is such a simple idea of providing a useful service to the millions of travellers. I use this app a lot and enjoy its ongoing improvements.

Michael’s app star rating: 4.5 stars

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