3 Quick Questions to Time Management Expert Mick Hawes

Time Management Expert Mick Hawes from Down Under
Time Management Expert Mick Hawes from Down Under

Mick, you have helped thousands of small business people master their daily productivity – here are three quick questions for you in our new category TQQ:

How can setting goals help your productivity?
There can never be two things that have the same level of importance, so having clear written goals will allow you to know which is more important when it comes time to choose. And by the way, what’s the point of prioritising your To Do list if you don’t have goals! It’s the same as re arranging your garbage.

What about losing my spontaneity with time management?
It’s funny how the people who say planning restricts their spontaneity, never have any time for it!
So what does time management mean for myself?
In our experience time management is a big misnomer! It’s really “Self Management”. Learning to manage your thoughts, actions and emotions leads to the highest levels of effectiveness.
Thank you Mick for answering our TQQ.

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