3 Quick Questions to Marc Deyda from German industrial giant Siemens

How do you stay productive when traveling?
I am always connected to the Siemens intranet in order to have access to our CRM tools and E-mail server. We are constantly using our MS Outlook connection to communicate with my partners and colleagues. Doing live meetings independent from the location where I actually am is mandatory to be able to do detail presentations all over the world. Via the smartphone we’re even more productive because answering urgent questions isn’t any more a dream – it’s daily life!

Has the intensity of business travel changed over the years?
Intensity of meetings in countries has risen indeed; we are like satellites from the Headquarters in Germany that need to support decisions locally. Through networking with our partners and local regions I have also been given responsibility to offer our clients solutions to their requirements immediately. OEM out of Germany or Italy for example, who are not having local departments are working close with us together to give excellent support to our/their asian clients. Therefore we face an increased need of communication and synchronization with internal and external partners!
Nevertheless we try to avoid traveling as we reduce costs through digital communication. MS Live meeting, MS communicator, are excellent bridge builders to do presentations/phone calls/messenger internally all over the world by one click. Even by using fast installation packages, externals can communicate instantly. Finally sharing content became easier in the past years, amounts of data exchanged are increasing hence we needed this change to stay up-to-date with the data needed for effective management.

How do you cope with inter-cultural challenges?
Thanks to my huge experience of working in the past with all continents close in major projects together, I’m able to understand the needs and problems immediately and be empathic to find fast solutions.

One excerpt is keeping me always based to the ground: We have daily so much information at hand and through this we are creating our own knowledge everyday. However at the end of the day decisions are made based on personal feelings when working internationally, you make the right decision when the pleasurable feeling is supporting your initial thought.

Marc Deyda
Global Business Development for Battery business, Siemens AG

Marc Deyda from Siemens answers 3 Quick Questions
Marc Deyda from Siemens answers 3 Quick Questions