Advice for Productive Meetings from Jill Duffy

Jill Duffy is a journalist focusing on topics around productivity. She has contributed with her insights in our Productivity Book and recently answered three quick questions on my own productivity blog. Here she focuses on her favourite topic being productive meetings.

In this video she explains a few tipps on how to prepare for a productive meeting. Starting with the scheduling of the meeting itself (with our awesome productivity tool Doodle) she explains her favourite methods to meeting productivity, in my view a good selection of digital support for the effective meeting.

Many of the productivity experts we interviewed in our Doodle productivity book use Evernote or Google docs in their daily business, hence it is good to see that Jill also recommends these two ‘classics’. The app presented by Jill that was new to me until a few weeks ago is Talkboard .

Productive Meeting with students in Zurich
Productive Meeting with students in Zurich

I absolutely began to love this app especially when it comes to jointly include drawings into shared documents. The app is available for ipads and we use it for brainstorming and taking notes including the drawings we do on flip charts. I have even seen quite a few school kids and students use the tool for classroom collaborations lately – very cool stuff.

Thanks Jill for the quick introduction into productivity tools for a productive meeting.

Cheers Michael