Dear beloved airline – my five wishes for a better experience as an economy passenger

I travel a lot. In the past years that was mainly in Europe so this short post summarises some of my wishes for these travels. Especially as I am looking for a better experience as an economy traveller.

Ok, I admit, this is written from the point of view of an economy traveller. 1-2 hours on a plane doesn’t allow my budget to double or triple the costs for a ticket for a seat of the same size and maybe a different offering of drinks in business class. When in Europe, travel economy on a plane.

Seats these days vary, no problem with that, however it is possible to fly on a leather seat without paying premium money. Please forgive me for saying: seats with fabric are completely old fashioned and outdated. Would you like 100 different people a month to sit in your chair at home? Use leather, both bigger and smaller airlines do it such as Lufthansa or Interlink and while I write this post I am actually sitting on leather in a Ryanair plane, an airline not really known for its luxurious gadgets.

Safety net with space for a lipstick
Safety net with space for a lipstick

I really do hate planes with a storage net containing space for say a lipstick, if you consider placing a technical device in them, simply forget the new sizes of mobile phones (I carry an iPhone 6+) and don’t even try iPads or laptops. No chance – this net here can only fit a lipstick or maybe even a pack of tissues.

Coat hanger helps jackets to keep their shape
Coat hanger helps jackets to keep their shape

I do like the hanger for a jacket though, you think this is common? Oh no, you might be stuck to a table holding clicker – or squash your jacket into the overhead compartment. Bad luck.

... my neighbour was snoring!
… my neighbour was snoring!

Alcohol on planes: bad idea especially if the passenger next to you falls asleep after the 2nd or 3rd beer and starts to snore like this one here:

Volume of speakers: this is entirely at the discretion of the stewart or air hostess, some are funny, some are boring, but most use a volume for their sounds that helps your ear to get rid of all unnessesary visitors in them.

Five wishes for a better experience on a plane from me, what are yours?