Digital Insurance Broker offers innovation in finance segment

I spoke to Alex Bojer, CEO and co-founder of Swiss Digital Insurance Broker based in Zurich. They provide a state-of-the-art online comparison of insurance products while not only comparing prices but also providing transparency on insurance product features and cover details. Anivo combines this service with an individual advisory from in-house insurance experts who are available to their clients via phone, email and chat.

Founder of Digital Insurance Broker Anivo
Founder of Digital Insurance Broker Anivo

You used to be a consultant, what made you become an entrepreneur and what are the main differences you experience in your job?

As a consultant for 12 years in the insurance industry I had the opportunity to learn a lot about insurance in different markets around the globe. Combining this experience with the opportunities arising from the digitalization in an industry which is not typically known as the most innovative one was the main reason for me to think about new business models and to begin my startup journey. My day-to-day job in rounding and ramping-up a startup is completely different to what I used to do in consulting. The biggest difference to me is to have the chance to create something which has not been there before – definitely more exciting compared to long meetings and PowerPoint.

As a founder and CEO; how do you manage your daily challenges?

The range of tasks you have to handle as a founder of a start-up is very broad – from testing of new features to contract administration and from investor presentations to business development. Keeping all the different balls in the air is a challenge sometimes but I am a pretty structured person so I think it works well. My co-founder and myself have a very strong focus on our startup and there is often no time and energy left for anything other than our company which I think is one of the biggest challenges to us: to also allow ourselves some off-startup time to recharge. This is not easy if everything in your mind is all about the beloved startup.

Can you name and explain us a few digital helpers you use to help you stay productive?

In the early days of my consulting career I started to add and prioritize all the tasks I’ve to do in my outlook calendar which are also synched with my mobile phone. I know it might is a bit old-school using outlook rather than any of these fancy new apps to organize the daily work but my outlook-tasks work perfect for me. With the IT-team we use Jira for requirements prioritization and Slack for our internal communication.

Thank you Alex for your time and good luck for growing Anivo into the next phases.