Flying at the Top with Lufthansa

I have been flying with Lufthansa on my latest business travels to New York City. You might ask yourself: hey they are on strike at the moment, how come Michael says that he was flying with them. Well, these long-distance flights between Europe and the US were not effected and therefore I was the lucky one who received this:

Marketing in the Air
Marketing in the Air

I generally do not like peanuts, however was tempted to read the cover this time: HRS, a Germany based hotel reservation service, promised me a 30% discount as someone who travels business. The business tariff for people at the top. Tempting?

I was actually flying economy, premium economy, should I tell them? And does this type of advertisement really work these days? And how is the 30% discount service connected to peanuts? Or how are peanuts connected to a brand in general?

Lots of questions for the serious marketing person. I am just happy that digital businesses these days don’t have to promise discounts on peanuts bags, at least as far as I am aware of.