Spire activity tracker to help calm your senses

Working in digital media these days provides a few advantages, especially when it comes to testing out new gadgets that the manufacturers hand out within the pre-launch phases in order to find out, how to further improve each product’s use and functionality. This post aims to give some first hand insight into some of the digital activity tools, that are out there in the market. I have asked a few friends of mine about which activity tracker they use and how these potentially changed their daily habits.
Tim Besser uses the Spire Activity Tracker
Tim Besser carries a Spire Tracker

The start of this new series is made by Tim Fabian Besser, CEO of Besser International, a business friend from Berlin who spends a lot of his time traveling between Berlin and Sao Paulo to serve his public relations and social media clients. Based somewhere between these two digital hubs he has started using an activity tracker called Spire mainly to track and watch out for his respiration.

Spire – tracking for a healthy body and mind

Spire Respiration Tracker for a healthy body and mind
Spire Activity Tracker (on the right)

“I recently discovered Spire that goes far beyond a normal activity tracker. A small sensor that looks a bit like a stone and that you place on the hem of your trousers senses your breath and the current state you are in (focus, calm, tense, activity).

This is an interesting advantage or difference in comparison to other body trackers (like Fitbit). They only track steps and calories – and you have to wear these on your wrist, where you might want to use a watch and where it is visible all the time. I have been testing Spire now for a couple of months nearly every day and I find it very helpful. Sometimes you are not aware that you are tense, but when Spire informs you about that, you realise that it is true and that it would be good to take a deeeeep breath (or a couple of deep breaths) and to consciously relax….
Looks like a stone on a clip
Looks like a stone on a clip

The Spire app also offers you to do breathing exercises and has a meditation guide. These features I do not use, it already helps to me know when I am tense – and can then immediately calm down by just telling me to relax and to breath in a more calm way.”

The series will be continued.

Michael Brecht