Michael’s App des Monats: Periscope

periscopeI have to admit that I only came across periscope lately, when social media giant Twitter purchased the guys to bring live video streaming to its own platform. Their credo is that a picture might be more than a thousand words, however that ‘live video can take you someplace and show you around’.

I am probably not the prime target for periscope as I am far away from incorporating video in my daily life compared to the Generation Y or even my youngest who is born on this side of the new millennium. Moving images for these kids represent the real way how digital tools should be used today, facebook is not really a cool tool any more: Instagram and now periscope dominate usage stats. Launched in March 2015, periscope surpassed the 10 million user mark in August, Instagram itself claims more than 300m monthly users, 75m of these being live every day, impressive.

But how can we incorporate periscope or generally instant videos into our business productivity? Well let’s take a few examples:

With Doodle being such a powerful brand for online scheduling, we have started bringing live pictures into our social media streams in order to show new Doodle clients real use cases. These are not polished videos for YouTube or Vimeo channels, no we are talking user generated content, but hey: we are still experimenting with use cases.

Speaking at World Knowledge Forum in Seoul this month will allow me to incorporate a quick video snippet at the beginning of my speech making sure that my Twitter followers see what’s happening right now, over there in Korea. The limit of this video only being present for 24 hours is something to get used to, that is for sure, however, it is all about instant communication and response.

Michael’s App rating: 4.5 stars

Michael Brecht