Michael’s App des Monats: Evernote

Evernote App
Evernote App

100m users cannot be all wrong when it comes to sorting out productivity issues in their office, so the creation of Evernote (Apple or Android)is one of the true success stories in modern times with SaaS (software as a service) dominating at least the space of use in the SME market space.

I recently had the pleasure of discussing joint opportunities with Cristina, former Head of EMEA for the team with the green elephant, hence I started using their app more often. This is clearly an app aimed at boosting your personal and business productivity, whether employed in a corporate environment, working in a SME or being self-employed. Used for writing notes, collecting data, discussing, presenting and available across all various screens, this tool comes real handy.

Also I am impressed how this app has managed to become part of many schools in England and when it comes to seeing forms or documents from the school one of my daughters is currently boarding at, impressive use-case.

While the recent lay-offs of approx 10% of their staff worldwide came a bit as a surprise to most of us, I still do see Evernote continue its global success path, its usage even in the corporate world is too compelling.

The two productivity applications offer joint Premium Solutions for a limited time

And while our Doodle team focuses on helping our users to find a date in no-time, we have for a limited time, teamed up with Evernote: in order to boost the productivity of both user groups Doodle and Evernote offer their Premium solutions in a bundle: until the end of December 2015 you can get three months of Evernote Premium free when you sign up for Doodle Premium. For this limited time in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, France, the Netherlands and the United Kingdom users will enjoy the power of joint Premium Programs, that is what we call productivity.

Michael’s app rating: 4.5 stars