Michael’s App des Monats: Project Management App Trello

Logo TrelloTrello is a project management App and perfectly suitable for smaller groups or personal projects.

How did we use Trello recently

I used Trello recently for the managing of the creation of our Doodle Productivity eBook. We combined the project management in Berlin, our editors and publishers in various parts of the world, our communication expert Brandon in the US and myself in the Doodle office in Zurich to manage the process, from ideation to the final stages of publishing our eBook.

The project management software Trello contained all our data, we created several boards for example for interviewees or the launch plan and we prioritised our tasks through the App. We used reminders and other inherent tools to get the project done despite not having had a single physical meeting with all projects partners.

The Application works seamlessly across all platforms

What I really like about this app is the way how it seamlessly works on all screens, iOS, Android, desktop or tablet versions update instantly and the user experience is the same on all these platforms. We really put the product to a test as we kept on adding project members and planning boards, and the tool showed no limit for these. Another real plus is the integration of Trello with tools such as Evernote and if you are, like the Doodle Team, all avid Slack users, you can combine the Slack ‘Star’ feature with the Trello to do’s.

This project management tool did a great job for us in its basic version, the Pro-versions promise even more space and an improved user management functionality. Here the main feature we looked at was the better overview when several projects are started or live at the same time, here the Premium version makes sense.

In general, a real useful productivity tool, and for most users the free version is really sufficient good stuff!

And here is my MB-App-Rating: 4.5 stars