Michael’s App des Monats: Wunderlist

Recently purchased by Microsoft, the Wunderlist team from Berlin in Germany has clearly redefined the landscape of what a focussed player can achieve. This App concentrates on planning your to do’s, nothing more and nothing less. It is reminding you in time about deadlines of your tasks and allowing you to collaborate with others.

Michael organises his to do's with Wunderlist
Michael organises his to do’s with Wunderlist

The Wunderlist App claims to be the easiest way to get jobs done and thus helps you organise your busy life by structuring your personal and professional to do’s.

I have used it for a few months now and absolutely love its design, simplicity and YES: the App really sorts my to do tasks in a pretty straightforward way. I have just recently added my wife to use the grocery shopping use case in collaboration in order to avoid both of us purchase milk or coffee at the same time.

And here is my MB-App-rating: 4.5 stars