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I was recently interviewed for the marketing and productivity blog of Brightpod. Their team collects interviews with digital professionals providing hacks for the smart digital marketer. A nicely designed tool for marketers, Brightpod aims to be a service that manages your projects with simplicity.

The mantra of the team is: “Life is short, Work smart and have Fun”, hence some of my answers to their questions had to be off the beaten track itself. Here are two examples of my answers, the rest can be found in their post:

Productivity Hacks for the Digital Marketer

Question: As a startup founder or digital marketer, what are some of your favorite productivity hacks?
Well, I had to let their readers understand that “I insist on leading a healthy lifestyle with enough time for exercise (usually early morning) and time to think”. So when I get into my office, where-ever this one might be as Doodle provides offices in Zurich and Berlin, I usually have already started the day with a run or swim.

Doodle mobile at docking station in NYC café
Doodle mobile at docking station in NYC café

Another hack for me is that I use the first hour at my desk to work on something which isn’t easily solved, because this is the time I am most productive. And my general conviction is that I do not work on weekends, my Doodle colleagues know that they cannot really reach me on weekends, full-stop.

Obviously digital hacks play a big role in my daily life, we use Trello, Wunderlist, Evernote and obviously Doodle every day to manage our business, but we also use smaller and more unknown SaaS solutions such as Adjust or Appfigures to keep track of how our application performs.

Question: Is there any advice you’d like to give to budding startup marketers to help them work smart and stay productive?
That is a good question as we have a firm belief at Doodle on this point: the best digital marketer is the one that stays as close as possible to his or her clients/users. And let us be honest: do you still know a digital marketer that books tons of advertisements without knowing conversions or without having done proper A/B testing beforehand? Make sure, that you as a marketer spend as much time as possible with your clients: I do not mean physically, use feed back loops, A/B tests and analyse your customer data properly.

Oh before I forget: the question about my favourite gadget had to be answered too: guess what – a glass of red wine for me, that is by far the gadget I love most, in the true sense of “Life is short …”.

More Information on Productivity Tools

More information about how professionals including the successful digital marketer optimise their time management can be found in our Doodle Productivity Book, find more information here.

Michael Brecht

Digital Marketer Tools and Tips in the Productivity Book
Digital Marketer Tools and Tips in the Productivity Book