Quote of the Day on Productivity

“Productivity in a school setting is as vital as it is complex. With many tasks needing to be completed to a high standard and to a set time frame, prioritising is essential. I need to not only manage my own productivity but the productivity of my students. Tasks need to be targeted and timely. Deadlines need to be reasonable while still maintaining the momentum of learning.

As a working mother of a preschool child and a kindergarten child, there is always something to do! I need to manage the household as well as timetable the many events of my boys. I make extensive use of lists. Everything goes on a list. And if I do something, and it isn’t on the list, I add it to my list and immediately cross it off. It is so satisfying to be able to cross things off!

In order to manage my professional life as well as my personal life, the well-being of other depends on my ability to be productive. I feel the responsibility to ensure that my time is used productively to manage the multidisciplinary tasks required of me.”

Jenny Faulconbridge, Teacher, Wollongong Australia

Productivity in a teacher's daily work can be challenging
Productivity in a teacher’s daily work can be challenging