SEO Specialist Mandy McEwen on Digital Marketing

I have had the pleasure to speak to Mandy McEwen, SEO entrepreneur from California. She is a Digital Marketing Consultant and Founder of Mod Girl Marketing and she answered me Three Quick Questions on productivity topics:
SEO Specialist Mandy McEwen from California
SEO Specialist Mandy McEwen from California

With the new year just started, could you share with us any New Year Resolutions with us you have made for yourself or your company?

I have several New Years Resolutions – both for myself and for my company.
Myself – I started the Pomodoro Technique – which is 25 minutes of productive work with a 5 minute break. I have my little kitchen rooster timer on my desk to help me accomplish this!
I’m also making myself create more videos this year. I am not one who loves the camera but I know how powerful videos are when relaying a message, especially in marketing – so I’ve made a goal to create at least 1 video per quarter and multiple videos for my product (see below).

As a company – We are rolling out some “products” this year as we are ‘productizing’ our services for a select target market. So the goal is to have at least 1 full ‘membership product’ developed and launched this year.

We also plan to have our new website launched by the end of Q1.

As a SEO consultant, are there any SEO related productivity tips you can provide us with?
Get help! Give everyone on your team a specific SEO role and stick to it. Don’t try to take on too many tasks yourself or your productivity will suffer. Keep a spreadsheet of top URLs and keywords you want to improve in the SERPs and monitor those activities weekly. Of course, the trusty content calendar is always important for your SEO blogging schedule. Staying on top of the calendar is a huge help when it comes to keeping your SEO organized and your team productive.

How do you apply digital apps in your work? Can you give us some examples please:
I use several digital apps and honestly am not sure how I got along without them!

1. Slack – This has been a game changer for my team. We use Slack everyday, all day to communicate about projects, goals, and strategy. It’s a great communication tool to keep everyone in the loop and so much more effective than say Basecamp or email with brainstorming marketing strategies.

2. SumoMe – We just started using this powerful email marketing app and have seen great results thus far. We use it to capture email addresses for our lead magnets (free eBooks) to grow our email subscriber list. What’s neat about SumoMe is that we integrate it with our CRM Hatchbuck, via Zapier. So all new subscribers are instantly sent to our Hatchbuck account.

3. Workflowy – I use Workflowy to help me stay on task and to plan my days and weeks in advance. I love the easy to-do list feature and it’s simplistic interface. I downloaded the app on my iPhone as well so I utilize both the web-based version on my computers and the iPhone app.

Mandy, many thanks for your time and these great insights into your productivity tips from the viewpoint of a SEO professional.