September is dmexco time – the digital world meets personally

Whoever feels at home in digital media in Europe had this date in its diary: the dmexco exposition and conference in Cologne in Germany was a melting pot of the advertising industry, the publishers and whatever direct clients there might be; there were plenty of PR people and all sorts of bloggers present that like to publish their view on current happenings in the digital media circle. This year proved to be a record number of 881 companies plus more than 500 international speakers occupying four halls for the first time. This year’s slogan of “Bridging Worlds” was so very true, the global trade fair proved to be a real business success.

40,000 visitors to dmexco

There were more than 40,000 visitors, coming to speak to exhibitors of which there were more than 130 ad networks and ad exchanges, more than 150 agencies, 112 digital content providers, 230 eBusinesses, and the count could go on: hundreds of conferences, there was an agenda lounge, a start-up village, guided tours and even a girls lounge. I was impressed – this was serious stuff.

Despite all these galactic global numbers I was again amazed how the digital world still relies on a physical event in a city that probably provides the worst conditions if you have to travel to it – again physically: by car or train or plane. Cologne is always full of traffic jams, if it wouldn’t be for its humorous inhabitants, internationals would think that it would be complete madness of placing this fair into this city. You can gather that my travels to and from Cologne have not been smooth, however I managed to survive the parking problems thanks to public transport, clearly a wise decision.

So back to these personal relationships in the digital world, what did I do at dmexco this year? I used the two days to check our international marketing partners, looking after our various campaigns in global markets such as the UK, the US or Brazil. At dmexco you meet these guys in person and thanks to spacious lounges or stalls, talking in privacy is possible. I also checked on some of my digital contacts, found out about new trends while discussing without the pressure during a scheduled conference call or even over a beer in the evening. Good stuff.

So I became a fan, over time, and I will come again, despite all my digital connects to the media scene.

Michael Brecht