Some of my recent presentations, speeches and discussions

Michael presenting on stage
Michael presenting on stage in Schwaben PEP-Fotografie Peter Fastl

To be honest – I enjoy being on stage. As a speaker I am invited by private companies and universities alike. Happy to lead the discussion in English, German or French language I usually find myself talking about innovation and digital topics as well as giving advice to student groups who like to get an insight into how digital transformation and innovation works.

In the past years, my speeches focused on next-gen mobility topics, ranging from electric vehicles (cars, e-bikes, E-scooters, E-mopeds) on to urban mobility solutions on the last mile. I have the pleasure in working with many great founders as well as mobility grown-up companies alike. We are jointly working on smart mobility solutions for the coming years, both in transport and logistics of human beings and goods.

Talking about personal experiences – from founding an own business to the integration into larger corporates

I am also happy to give insights into my experiences as the founder of two startups in the past years as well as the current integration of Doodle as the global application into TX Group (formerly Tamedia) in Switzerland. This is very practical advice for both: the startup community and the various management levels in larger corporates.

Michael presenting at Innovation Club
Michael presenting at Innovation Club

There is a huge interest today in getting a better understanding of how the current wave of innovation by startups can be matched with the interests of larger corporates. It is about the identification of these startups, potential investments and/or acquisition and the integration into the corporate structure. Not an easy one in most cases.

My recent talk to C-Level managers of about 120 medium sized businesses (German: Mittelstand) in the Southern part of Germany proved, that digitalisation is still seen as a threat to most of them and that topics such as industry 4.0 have been realised by the top management but that the practical consequences and decisions necessary to be taken are still far from being solved.

Here are some of my recent presentations and speeches

  • Rocketeer Festival Augsburg – second largest startup event in South Germany
  • Hochschule Augsburg, Disruptive Innovation, Garmisch-Partenkirchen
  • NEO Network – Exploring Tomorrow’s Challenges, ETH Zurich
  • HPE Business Leadership Conference, St. Gallen
  • March ’16 Fachkräftetag Schwaben, Keynote on Digital Disruption, IHK Augsburg
  • March ’16 Innovation Club Fribourg, Speech and Discussion on Doodle Startup and Growth Phases
  • January ’16 C-Level Roundtable in Zurich with a discussion on ‘Disruptive New Business Building’
  • November ‘15 Strategy-Forum Zürichsee, C-Level Event, Zurich
  • October ‘15 World Knowledge Forum 2015, Speech on Doodle and podium discussion with Asian startup experts, Seoul
  • October ‘15 Start-up Essential Workshop, Venturelab, Zurich
  • September ’15 Chances of Digitalisation and the related Agendas of CxOs, Horváth & Partners, Stuttgart
  • June ‘15 Performance Marketing Insights Europe 2015
  • June ‘15 CIO-Forum Gottlieb Duttweiler Institute, Podium discussion on digital transformation, Zurich
  • May ‘15 Augsburg University of Applied Sciences, Doodle – global success as a Digital Business Model
  • April ‘15 ISA International School Augsburg, Podium Discussion with Alumni

Contact me if you would like to have me present at your event.

Here you’ll find more information on my speeches in German language.

Panel discussion at C-level event in Zurich
Panel discussion at C-level event in Zurich