International Students in Augsburg

Workshop with international students in Augsburg
Workshop with international students

A short note on my recent workshop with a group of international students at University of Applied Sciences in Augsburg. These students come from France, Switzerland, Russia, the US and North Korea (to name a few) and such a wide spectrum proved an interesting set-up for a talk about global innovation mainly facilitated by digital disruptors.

The students in Augsburg are a having a great experience in meeting peers from all over the world on the campus right in the city here in Bavaria. Augsburg is the third so called ‘Metropole’ in the south German state of Bavaria. The city offers great education and a proximity to some of Germany’s most fascinating tourist locations including the city of Munich, Chiemsee or Hohenschwangau.

I used the Doodle case to explain to the students in Augsburg the power of small and agile digital disruptors in innovation. The online scheduling space provides huge opportunities for companies such as Doodle, today the application is used in more than 170 countries around the globe.

How to set up your career

The students also were interested in how they would set-up their own career path. Many of today’s graduates find it hard to decide what to do next. Good to see that startups are considered an interesting option for the top graduates these days. Also I found out that Germany is considered a great place to work for these internationals – the Schwaben region providing a fantastic opportunity for technically minded students.

Thanks to these students in Augsburg for allowing me to speak and spend an interesting morning in your class.

Michael Brecht