Digital Marketer tips from Michael in an interview on Productivity

I was recently interviewed for the marketing and productivity blog of Brightpod. Their team collects interviews with digital professionals providing hacks for the smart digital marketer. A nicely designed tool for marketers, Brightpod aims to be a service that manages your projects with simplicity. The mantra of the team is: “Life is short, Work smart […]

Productivity explained by Dutch Shopping Portal Director

I asked Domingo from Dutch company Bridge Shopping Portals about his view on productivity when we met in Berlin the other day. I spoke to a group of marketing professionals about the case of Doodle as a disruptive business model and our approach to grow the brand globally. Here is what he had to say: “Productivity […]

A brand has a Face like a Human Being

I came across this nice quote of the day the other week in an academic institution in Germany: “A brand has a face like a human being!” This is the literal translation of this (german) sentence, seen on the wall of the University of Applied Sciences in Augsburg. And it is very true, so who […]