Spire activity tracker to help calm your senses

Working in digital media these days provides a few advantages, especially when it comes to testing out new gadgets that the manufacturers hand out within the pre-launch phases in order to find out, how to further improve each product’s use and functionality. This post aims to give some first hand insight into some of the digital activity […]

3 Quick Questions to Marc Deyda from German industrial giant Siemens

How do you stay productive when traveling? I am always connected to the Siemens intranet in order to have access to our CRM tools and E-mail server. We are constantly using our MS Outlook connection to communicate with my partners and colleagues. Doing live meetings independent from the location where I actually am is mandatory […]

Flying at the Top with Lufthansa

I have been flying with Lufthansa on my latest business travels to New York City. You might ask yourself: hey they are on strike at the moment, how come Michael says that he was flying with them. Well, these long-distance flights between Europe and the US were not effected and therefore I was the lucky […]

Meeting with TechCrunch in NYC

While visiting New York City this week, I was talking to TechCrunch’s journalist Anthony Ha about the launch of our cooperation between Doodle and Paperless Post here in the US the same week. Anthony is that sort of a journalist who gets all questions and answers squeezed into a 20 minute time frame while leaving […]

World Knowledge Forum in Seoul – mapping the Zeitgeist

I have arrived in Seoul, the South Korean capital which is presenting itself foggy and grey today. My flight was overbooked and the offers went up to 600€ refund for a Premium Economy passenger who changed to an Economy seat for the flight, serious money and an indication for the success of the Premium Economy […]

How to choose the right wine for a business lunch or dinner

I was recently asked to explain my take on how to choose the right wine as a business professional. A friend of mine writes for the prestigious ‘Law Society of New South Wales’ in Sydney and plans a series of statements on this ever-young topic. The challenge: you have 50 words to get your message […]