September is dmexco time – the digital world meets personally

Whoever feels at home in digital media in Europe had this date in its diary: the dmexco exposition and conference in Cologne in Germany was a melting pot of the advertising industry, the publishers and whatever direct clients there might be; there were plenty of PR people and all sorts of bloggers present that like […]

Quote of the Day on Productivity

“Productivity for me is avoiding the urge to multitask just before finishing the job to be done.” Sverre Munck, Chairman of the Board, Opera Software ASA

Productivity in a regional plane – from legroom to card games

When I entered one of these regional planes on my flight from Salzburg to Zurich the other day I stumbled upon a rather surprising seating arrangement. The seats of row one and two were facing each other, to be precise: seats 1d and 1f were opposite 2d and 2f. I was stunned: we were not talking about […]