Panel discussion on Digital Transformation at Strategy Forum

I recently was a speaker at a panel discussion of Swiss top management Strategieforum (translates strategy forum) and really enjoyed our discussion about digital transformation challenges. With me on stage we had Christian Petit, Head of Business Clients of local Telco Giant Swisscom, Thierry Kneissler, CEO of an in-house start-up of Swiss Postfinanz and with […]

Quote of the Day from Tony Blair on Reforms

At a recent speech in Korea, Tony Blair mentioned a quite usual finding when planning and executing a reform: ‘When you first propose a reform people think it’s a bad idea, when you do it it’s hell and when you’ve done it you wish to have done more.’

Digital Transformation with Paradigm changes for Retail Banking

Here is my report on the challenges retail banks face with the ongoing digital transformation. I was a speaker at the C-level Forum in Zurich and enjoyed other speeches at the forum through the day. Dr. Patrik Gisel spoke about the ongoing change in retail banking. He highlighted its challenges when integrating digital transformation teams […]

3 Quick Questions to Marc Deyda from German industrial giant Siemens

How do you stay productive when traveling? I am always connected to the Siemens intranet in order to have access to our CRM tools and E-mail server. We are constantly using our MS Outlook connection to communicate with my partners and colleagues. Doing live meetings independent from the location where I actually am is mandatory […]

Tony Blair on being productive in a politician’s career

Tony Blair recently gave us an insight into how a politician is trained and how suitable and most productive he/she is in his/her various career stages. It was a great and very personal insight in how productive you need to be in order to perform daily with the top politicians around the world: ‘The journey as […]

Speaking about Digital Disruption at #WKF2015

I was invited to speak about Digital Disruption at the World Knowledge Forum in Seoul based on the story of Doodle and the rise of our application to become the world’s standard for online group scheduling. Here are some of my notes and some of the questions answered to a highly interested forum. The crowd […]