Doodle growth presented at Innovation Club in Fribourg

I was invited to present the Doodle story from startup to growth business at the Innovation Club in Fribourg, Switzerland. This Club is a community of students, professors, university staff and everybody who is interested in entrepreneurship and innovation. A good crowd of about 70 participants made this evening an interesting and inspiring event for […]

Large corporates challenged by Digital Startups

Large corporates in today’s business world need an increasing ability to innovate. But this is easier said than done: in today’s world with continuous digital disruption and innovation large corporations face two significant challenges: Firstly these large corporations are notoriously bad in creating new businesses from within their own organisation. The reason for this inability […]

Panel discussion on Digital Transformation at Strategy Forum

I recently was a speaker at a panel discussion of Swiss top management Strategieforum (translates strategy forum) and really enjoyed our discussion about digital transformation challenges. With me on stage we had Christian Petit, Head of Business Clients of local Telco Giant Swisscom, Thierry Kneissler, CEO of an in-house start-up of Swiss Postfinanz and with […]

Quote of the Day: Patrick Warnking Google

The first thing big corporates need to learn is that they need to allow disruptive change and cannibalisation to happen in-house. Patrick Warnking, CEO Google Switzerland

Digital Transformation with Paradigm changes for Retail Banking

Here is my report on the challenges retail banks face with the ongoing digital transformation. I was a speaker at the C-level Forum in Zurich and enjoyed other speeches at the forum through the day. Dr. Patrik Gisel spoke about the ongoing change in retail banking. He highlighted its challenges when integrating digital transformation teams […]

3 Quick Questions to founder of airbnb on the sharing economy

1. What are the challenges in the sharing economy for airbnb? In general we have a firm belief that access will trump ownership in the coming years. That’s what the sharing economy is all about. The ongoing urbanisation will speed up and more and more people will be working in cities, hence we need to […]