International Students in Augsburg

A short note on my recent workshop with a group of international students at University of Applied Sciences in Augsburg. These students come from France, Switzerland, Russia, the US and North Korea (to name a few) and such a wide spectrum proved an interesting set-up for a talk about global innovation mainly facilitated by digital […]

Doodle growth presented at Innovation Club in Fribourg

I was invited to present the Doodle story from startup to growth business at the Innovation Club in Fribourg, Switzerland. This Club is a community of students, professors, university staff and everybody who is interested in entrepreneurship and innovation. A good crowd of about 70 participants made this evening an interesting and inspiring event for […]

Some of my recent presentations, speeches and discussions

To be honest – I enjoy being on stage. As a speaker I am invited by private companies and universities alike. Happy to lead the discussion in English, German or French language I usually find myself talking about innovation and digital topics as well as giving advice to student groups who like to get an insight into […]

Tony Blair on being productive in a politician’s career

Tony Blair recently gave us an insight into how a politician is trained and how suitable and most productive he/she is in his/her various career stages. It was a great and very personal insight in how productive you need to be in order to perform daily with the top politicians around the world: ‘The journey as […]

Start-up Essential Workshop with venturelab in Zurich

Last night I had the chance to speak to about 30 young founders in prestigious ETH university in Zurich. The event was organised by venturelab – the accelerator for best start-up talents in Switzerland. Our host Stefan Steiner gave a great introduction into how start-up entrepreneurs could brace themselves. venturelab is actually sorting out the top […]

Quote of the Day on Productivity

“Productivity in a school setting is as vital as it is complex. With many tasks needing to be completed to a high standard and to a set time frame, prioritising is essential. I need to not only manage my own productivity but the productivity of my students. Tasks need to be targeted and timely. Deadlines […]