Fitness Consultant Ashley Borden answers 3 quick questions

In a third part of my series on digital gadgets used by fitness experts from all over the globe, I presented my two questions to Ashley Borden from the US. She runs a fitness company called Ashley Borden Fitness & Lifestyle, LLC which is based in sunny California. Ashley Borden is a fitness and lifestyle consultant […]

Produktivitätstools einer Journalistin

Im Nachgang an ein Doodle Interview habe ich in Berlin die Journalistin Ines Hein von markatus  interviewt, einer auf Content spezialisierten Agentur. Somit drehte ich die Vorzeichen quasi um. Eine ganz spannende Erfahrung, zumal Ines mir einige wertvolle insights in ihr Tagewerk als Journalistin gegeben hat. Interessant ist der Einsatz von diversen Produktivitätstools, von der digitalen […]

How to increase your productivity with visual communication

Most people start their days motivated and eager to work. At least that’s what they say if you ask them before their lunch break.  When lunch comes around, motivation and productivity start to drop. You can read all about the Post-Lunch-Energy-Crash here. Today, I don’t want to get into questions of glycemic index or how […]

Michael’s App des Monats: Evernote

100m users cannot be all wrong when it comes to sorting out productivity issues in their office, so the creation of Evernote (Apple or Android)is one of the true success stories in modern times with SaaS (software as a service) dominating at least the space of use in the SME market space. I recently had […]

3 Quick Questions on Productivity to Jill Duffy

Three Quick Questions to Jill Duffy, one of our experts interviewed in the Doodle Productivity Book: Jill, thanks for taking the time to work with us on this all important topic, productivity. How did you become interested in this topic? I am a journalist and became interested in productivity by writing about being organised, staying […]

Long term strategies to improve Germany’s Productivity

Asked about the long-term strategies to improve Germany’s productivity Theo Waigel, former German Finance Minister and Speaker at the World Knowledge Forum in Seoul. We both represented the German fraction as we were both invited as speakers of the event. Dr. Waigel answered: We do have problems in demographics in Germany with less and less […]