Produktivitätstools einer Journalistin

Im Nachgang an ein Doodle Interview habe ich in Berlin die Journalistin Ines Hein von markatus  interviewt, einer auf Content spezialisierten Agentur. Somit drehte ich die Vorzeichen quasi um. Eine ganz spannende Erfahrung, zumal Ines mir einige wertvolle insights in ihr Tagewerk als Journalistin gegeben hat. Interessant ist der Einsatz von diversen Produktivitätstools, von der digitalen […]

Advice for Productive Meetings from Jill Duffy

Jill Duffy is a journalist focusing on topics around productivity. She has contributed with her insights in our Productivity Book and recently answered three quick questions on my own productivity blog. Here she focuses on her favourite topic being productive meetings. In this video she explains a few tipps on how to prepare for a productive […]

Digital Insurance Broker offers innovation in finance segment

I spoke to Alex Bojer, CEO and co-founder of Swiss Digital Insurance Broker based in Zurich. They provide a state-of-the-art online comparison of insurance products while not only comparing prices but also providing transparency on insurance product features and cover details. Anivo combines this service with an individual advisory from in-house insurance experts who are […]

Some of my recent presentations, speeches and discussions

To be honest – I enjoy being on stage. As a speaker I am invited by private companies and universities alike. Happy to lead the discussion in English, German or French language I usually find myself talking about innovation and digital topics as well as giving advice to student groups who like to get an insight into […]

Large corporates challenged by Digital Startups

Large corporates in today’s business world need an increasing ability to innovate. But this is easier said than done: in today’s world with continuous digital disruption and innovation large corporations face two significant challenges: Firstly these large corporations are notoriously bad in creating new businesses from within their own organisation. The reason for this inability […]

Michael was interviewed by Brazilian Newspaper

Here is the excerpt of an interview, Michael gave to Brazilian Newspaper called Correio Braziliense about productivity topics. This daily is one of the leading papers in Brazil and proves to be a great read for business people. The interview appeared in the section: Talking to the Specialist and its headline translates: Happiness and Productivity – […]