Big Data Case: Natural Language Processing on Doodle polls

With this post I’d like to present a highly interesting productivity case based on big data findings. We asked ourselves how we can learn from Doodle users when it comes to measuring interaction between clients. Our product management team collaborated for this project with the analytics team of our parent company Tamedia to give us a better understanding […]

Quote of the Day from Data Scientist Nicolas Perony

Today I asked Nicolas, Data Scientist from Tamedia Digital in Zurich on his stance on productivity. Here is what Nicolas answered: Productivity for me is finding the right balance between knowledge exploration and knowledge exploitation: 1. First, spending enough time reading on a subject and learning about a topic to be confident enough that I […]

Large corporates challenged by Digital Startups

Large corporates in today’s business world need an increasing ability to innovate. But this is easier said than done: in today’s world with continuous digital disruption and innovation large corporations face two significant challenges: Firstly these large corporations are notoriously bad in creating new businesses from within their own organisation. The reason for this inability […]

Quote of the Day from Tony Blair on Reforms

At a recent speech in Korea, Tony Blair mentioned a quite usual finding when planning and executing a reform: ‘When you first propose a reform people think it’s a bad idea, when you do it it’s hell and when you’ve done it you wish to have done more.’

Long term strategies to improve Germany’s Productivity

Asked about the long-term strategies to improve Germany’s productivity Theo Waigel, former German Finance Minister and Speaker at the World Knowledge Forum in Seoul. We both represented the German fraction as we were both invited as speakers of the event. Dr. Waigel answered: We do have problems in demographics in Germany with less and less […]

Michael’s App des Monats: Project Management App Trello

Trello is a project management App and perfectly suitable for smaller groups or personal projects. How did we use Trello recently I used Trello recently for the managing of the creation of our Doodle Productivity eBook. We combined the project management in Berlin, our editors and publishers in various parts of the world, our communication expert […]