The financial Power of Carnival in Brazil

When looking at the business power of carnival we must be amazed: a McKinsey study in Germany many years ago calculated the financial impact of carnival for the city of Cologne alone to be several billion Euro annually, the figures in nearby Düsseldorf and Mainz will not be much smaller. A look into South American Brazil shows […]

SEO Specialist Mandy McEwen on Digital Marketing

I have had the pleasure to speak to Mandy McEwen, SEO entrepreneur from California. She is a Digital Marketing Consultant and Founder of Mod Girl Marketing and she answered me Three Quick Questions on productivity topics: With the new year just started, could you share with us any New Year Resolutions with us you have […]

Digital Marketer tips from Michael in an interview on Productivity

I was recently interviewed for the marketing and productivity blog of Brightpod. Their team collects interviews with digital professionals providing hacks for the smart digital marketer. A nicely designed tool for marketers, Brightpod aims to be a service that manages your projects with simplicity. The mantra of the team is: “Life is short, Work smart […]

Quote of the Day on Productivity from Andrew Santos

“Productivity for me is communication done right. Many companies ignore one of the easiest aspects of day-to-day operations that is key to efficiency. Getting things right off the bat and mistake free; while coordinating a group of super smart and competitive online marketing people is what gets me up in the morning!” Andrew Santos, Digital […]

A brand has a Face like a Human Being

I came across this nice quote of the day the other week in an academic institution in Germany: “A brand has a face like a human being!” This is the literal translation of this (german) sentence, seen on the wall of the University of Applied Sciences in Augsburg. And it is very true, so who […]

Quote of the Day on Productivity from Jeevan Thekkekara

“Productivity for me is the ability to efficiently allocate my time for my daily business. The more things I get done in less time, the better. And the more efficient I get the more productive I get. That leaves the rest of the time for interesting projects, learnings, self-development, leisure and friends/family. If I can […]