Fitness Consultant Ashley Borden answers 3 quick questions

In a third part of my series on digital gadgets used by fitness experts from all over the globe, I presented my two questions to Ashley Borden from the US. She runs a fitness company called Ashley Borden Fitness & Lifestyle, LLC which is based in sunny California. Ashley Borden is a fitness and lifestyle consultant […]

What technology does a fitness expert use to stay productive?

Today I’d like to write about some recent findings we made at Doodle. The great thing about Doodle is that the world’s favourite scheduling tool can be used for almost every kind of group meet-up. Now that we’re in the summer months, many people are starting to pay more attention to their fitness routines. They are actively organising […]

Spire activity tracker to help calm your senses

Working in digital media these days provides a few advantages, especially when it comes to testing out new gadgets that the manufacturers hand out within the pre-launch phases in order to find out, how to further improve each product’s use and functionality. This post aims to give some first hand insight into some of the digital activity […]

Justine’s Morning Productivity

I met TV personality Justine Santaniello in New York at my recent trip. I asked her about her productivity tips and how she, as a lifestyle and trend expert used some of these in her own career. Morning Productivity is key for Justine “Making my bed in the morning gives me an immediate sense of […]