Digital Marketer tips from Michael in an interview on Productivity

I was recently interviewed for the marketing and productivity blog of Brightpod. Their team collects interviews with digital professionals providing hacks for the smart digital marketer. A nicely designed tool for marketers, Brightpod aims to be a service that manages your projects with simplicity. The mantra of the team is: “Life is short, Work smart […]

Quote of the Day from Tim Besser São Paulo

Asked about his stance on productivity Tim Besser answered: “For me, productivity is predominantly deciding on the right priorities at all times and having a streamlined and efficient way of organising things. I try to avoid going back and forth with lots of emails as there are other options that can be much quicker, for example […]

Quote of the Day from Data Scientist Nicolas Perony

Today I asked Nicolas, Data Scientist from Tamedia Digital in Zurich on his stance on productivity. Here is what Nicolas answered: Productivity for me is finding the right balance between knowledge exploration and knowledge exploitation: 1. First, spending enough time reading on a subject and learning about a topic to be confident enough that I […]

Productivity explained by Dutch Shopping Portal Director

I asked Domingo from Dutch company Bridge Shopping Portals about his view on productivity when we met in Berlin the other day. I spoke to a group of marketing professionals about the case of Doodle as a disruptive business model and our approach to grow the brand globally. Here is what he had to say: “Productivity […]

Quote of the Day on Productivity

Productivity for me is about getting things done in time. This helped me get my daily stuff done when working together with 180 nationalities in Dubai. I am really satisfied at the end of the day when I look at my calendar and I achieved more than I planned for the day. Christian Gebler, CEO […]

Quote of the Day on Productivity

Productivity for me is getting a good match between the importance of task / issue and the time you allocate for it. Also it is getting a good mix of really hard tasks and things you yourself want to achieve and tackle and still get the chores done. André Alpar, Investor