Produktivitätstools einer Journalistin

Im Nachgang an ein Doodle Interview habe ich in Berlin die Journalistin Ines Hein von markatus  interviewt, einer auf Content spezialisierten Agentur. Somit drehte ich die Vorzeichen quasi um. Eine ganz spannende Erfahrung, zumal Ines mir einige wertvolle insights in ihr Tagewerk als Journalistin gegeben hat. Interessant ist der Einsatz von diversen Produktivitätstools, von der digitalen […]

SEO Specialist Mandy McEwen on Digital Marketing

I have had the pleasure to speak to Mandy McEwen, SEO entrepreneur from California. She is a Digital Marketing Consultant and Founder of Mod Girl Marketing and she answered me Three Quick Questions on productivity topics: With the new year just started, could you share with us any New Year Resolutions with us you have […]

Quote of the Day on Productivity from Jeevan Thekkekara

“Productivity for me is the ability to efficiently allocate my time for my daily business. The more things I get done in less time, the better. And the more efficient I get the more productive I get. That leaves the rest of the time for interesting projects, learnings, self-development, leisure and friends/family. If I can […]

How to choose the right wine for a business lunch or dinner

I was recently asked to explain my take on how to choose the right wine as a business professional. A friend of mine writes for the prestigious ‘Law Society of New South Wales’ in Sydney and plans a series of statements on this ever-young topic. The challenge: you have 50 words to get your message […]

3 Quick Questions to Time Management Expert Mick Hawes

Mick, you have helped thousands of small business people master their daily productivity – here are three quick questions for you in our new category TQQ: How can setting goals help your productivity? There can never be two things that have the same level of importance, so having clear written goals will allow you to […]