Spire activity tracker to help calm your senses

Working in digital media these days provides a few advantages, especially when it comes to testing out new gadgets that the manufacturers hand out within the pre-launch phases in order to find out, how to further improve each product’s use and functionality. This post aims to give some first hand insight into some of the digital activity […]

Doodle growth presented at Innovation Club in Fribourg

I was invited to present the Doodle story from startup to growth business at the Innovation Club in Fribourg, Switzerland. This Club is a community of students, professors, university staff and everybody who is interested in entrepreneurship and innovation. A good crowd of about 70 participants made this evening an interesting and inspiring event for […]

Digital Insurance Broker offers innovation in finance segment

I spoke to Alex Bojer, CEO and co-founder of Swiss Digital Insurance Broker based in Zurich. They provide a state-of-the-art online comparison of insurance products while not only comparing prices but also providing transparency on insurance product features and cover details. Anivo combines this service with an individual advisory from in-house insurance experts who are […]

Digital Marketer tips from Michael in an interview on Productivity

I was recently interviewed for the marketing and productivity blog of Brightpod. Their team collects interviews with digital professionals providing hacks for the smart digital marketer. A nicely designed tool for marketers, Brightpod aims to be a service that manages your projects with simplicity. The mantra of the team is: “Life is short, Work smart […]

Some of my recent presentations, speeches and discussions

To be honest – I enjoy being on stage. As a speaker I am invited by private companies and universities alike. Happy to lead the discussion in English, German or French language I usually find myself talking about innovation and digital topics as well as giving advice to student groups who like to get an insight into […]

3 Quick Questions to founder of airbnb on the sharing economy

1. What are the challenges in the sharing economy for airbnb? In general we have a firm belief that access will trump ownership in the coming years. That’s what the sharing economy is all about. The ongoing urbanisation will speed up and more and more people will be working in cities, hence we need to […]