Produktivitätstools einer Journalistin

Im Nachgang an ein Doodle Interview habe ich in Berlin die Journalistin Ines Hein von markatus  interviewt, einer auf Content spezialisierten Agentur. Somit drehte ich die Vorzeichen quasi um. Eine ganz spannende Erfahrung, zumal Ines mir einige wertvolle insights in ihr Tagewerk als Journalistin gegeben hat. Interessant ist der Einsatz von diversen Produktivitätstools, von der digitalen […]

International Students in Augsburg

A short note on my recent workshop with a group of international students at University of Applied Sciences in Augsburg. These students come from France, Switzerland, Russia, the US and North Korea (to name a few) and such a wide spectrum proved an interesting set-up for a talk about global innovation mainly facilitated by digital […]

Quote of the Day on Productivity from Andrew Santos

“Productivity for me is communication done right. Many companies ignore one of the easiest aspects of day-to-day operations that is key to efficiency. Getting things right off the bat and mistake free; while coordinating a group of super smart and competitive online marketing people is what gets me up in the morning!” Andrew Santos, Digital […]

The Power of Organisation by Você S/A magazine in Brazil

It is a real pleasure to announce that I was interviewed by the Brazilian Você S/A magazine. The main topic of their January edition is productivity. They asked a small number of Brazilian celebrities (executives, entrepreneurs, a singer, a TV chef…) how they aim to be productive and how they keep their busy schedules – the questions all […]

Quote of the Day from Tim Besser São Paulo

Asked about his stance on productivity Tim Besser answered: “For me, productivity is predominantly deciding on the right priorities at all times and having a streamlined and efficient way of organising things. I try to avoid going back and forth with lots of emails as there are other options that can be much quicker, for example […]

My favourite Weekend Quote on Productivity

My favourite Weekend Quote on Productivity comes from Helene Segura from San Antonio in Texas: “I dislike the time constraint of consuming wine. You really shouldn’t have leftover wine sitting in a bottle. But, what if you’re by yourself and you really want to open a bottle? Do you drink it all? Or do you […]