The financial Power of Carnival in Brazil

When looking at the business power of carnival we must be amazed: a McKinsey study in Germany many years ago calculated the financial impact of carnival for the city of Cologne alone to be several billion Euro annually, the figures in nearby Düsseldorf and Mainz will not be much smaller. A look into South American Brazil shows […]

3 Quick Questions to Marc Deyda from German industrial giant Siemens

How do you stay productive when traveling? I am always connected to the Siemens intranet in order to have access to our CRM tools and E-mail server. We are constantly using our MS Outlook connection to communicate with my partners and colleagues. Doing live meetings independent from the location where I actually am is mandatory […]

Quote of the Day on Productivity

“Productivity for me is fitting into a day a lot of different tasks in all my different roles. It involves looking after grandchildren, running the house, garden and 2 farm holiday cottages and having time to enjoy and ride my horses.” Pippa Owen, Owner of a B&B in Rutland, England

Productivity in a regional plane – from legroom to card games

When I entered one of these regional planes on my flight from Salzburg to Zurich the other day I stumbled upon a rather surprising seating arrangement. The seats of row one and two were facing each other, to be precise: seats 1d and 1f were opposite 2d and 2f. I was stunned: we were not talking about […]