My favourite Weekend Quote on Productivity

My favourite Weekend Quote on Productivity comes from Helene Segura from San Antonio in Texas: “I dislike the time constraint of consuming wine. You really shouldn’t have leftover wine sitting in a bottle. But, what if you’re by yourself and you really want to open a bottle? Do you drink it all? Or do you […]

A busy morning in the wine industry

A friend of mine in the wine industry sent me this photo today, his way of being productive in his office quite early in the morning. I suspect that wine-makers really display their true productivity in the vineyard or wine-cellar…

How to choose the right wine for a business lunch or dinner

I was recently asked to explain my take on how to choose the right wine as a business professional. A friend of mine writes for the prestigious ‘Law Society of New South Wales’ in Sydney and plans a series of statements on this ever-young topic. The challenge: you have 50 words to get your message […]

Productivity measures for Wine-Bars and Restaurants

The wine business is an old trade, innovations and productivity measures in the past years were mainly happening in the vineyard or in the wine cellars where wine-makers were continuously developing new means and improvements for the art of making wine. In the past 10 years wine-labels were undergoing some quite dramatic fresh-ups, gone are the days when […]