What technology does a fitness expert use to stay productive?

Today I’d like to write about some recent findings we made at Doodle. The great thing about Doodle is that the world’s favourite scheduling tool can be used for almost every kind of group meet-up. Now that we’re in the summer months, many people are starting to pay more attention to their fitness routines. They are actively organising workouts, runs or pilates classes with their clients or friends. We can see from our internal data, that people are using Doodle to schedule their workouts as it helps them to get everyone join in more efficiently.

Ask the fitness expert about technology used

On top of these findings I thought it would be interesting to interview some of the global fitness experts. I’d like to understand what kind of technology they use to support their daily organisation. In this post we’ll start with Sydney based fitness expert Sarah Berry Life&Style journalist with The Sydney Morning Herald. Sarah is also editor of The Juice – a health website with advice on fitness, nutrition and general health topics.

What technology (fitness trackers, apps, etc.) do you use during your workouts, and how does it help you?

‘If I’m going to go for a run, I’m going to go for a run. Exercise is my chance to escape so I am more likely to rebel if a gadget is beeping at me telling me to do it. So the only technology I use is my iPhone for music. Occasionally, I’ve used the map my run app and I’ve tried a variety of tech bits, but none have stuck. I can however see how Apple watch and FitBits are addictive for some people – we are all motivated and inspired in different ways.’

When do you like to schedule your workouts?

‘Whenever I can. I usually start work very early, so it’s hard to get in a workout then, even though exercise at the start of the day always seems to set a good tone.
Fitness Expert Sarah Berry
Australian Fitness Expert Sarah Berry

If I can, I’ll go for a run at lunchtime to give my brain a break, move my body and get some fresh air. That usually gives me the pick-up I need to work well for the rest of the day. I’ll often do an evening yoga practice – at home or in a class, either as well as the run or instead of it if work has been too hectic. On the weekend, exercise – usually a big walk or a class at Agoga in Bondi – is often the first thing I do – after a coffee of course!’

This series of interviews will be continued. Read here about an activity tracker, a friend of mine from Berlin is using to help calm his senses.