The financial Power of Carnival in Brazil

When looking at the business power of carnival we must be amazed: a McKinsey study in Germany many years ago calculated the financial impact of carnival for the city of Cologne alone to be several billion Euro annually, the figures in nearby Düsseldorf and Mainz will not be much smaller.
A look into South American Brazil shows even more stunning figures – there is a clear dependency, this uprising market has to its folkloristic highlight of each year:
Firstly, Carnival is a huge economic factor for Brazil, be it for Brazilians that travel during the holidays or for foreigners coming to Brazil, especially to Rio de Janeiro, where the biggest Samba processions happen, in the so called Sambódromo. Rio is the global benchmark for celebrating in South America, its Samba Parades consisting exclusively of Samba rhythms is the highlight of the 5 day celebration, all of it happening 40 days before the holy Easter festivity. The many Samba Schools entertain the crowds through Samba nights, everything is a celebration of noise, colour and happiness.

But other regions in Brazil have a strong Carnival season too, for example Recife in the state of Pernambuco and Salvador in the state of Bahia. In 2015, according to the tourism agency of Rio de Janeiro, the city’s Carnival had more than 900,000 visitors generating a turnover of approximately 782 million Brazilian Real (about 200 million US-Dollar). And these are just the official numbers from tourists staying at the registered hotels. With the rise of Airbnb in Brazil in 2014, when these private Airbnb hosts took about 25% of the room bookings during the World Cup (source: Nathan Blecharczyk) overnight bookings will be even higher on that private level. All over Brazil,the government estimates more than 250,000 temporary jobs are created during Carnival.

Carnival has also a lot to do with Productivity!

Another interesting productivity aspect is the flexibility and the capacity of Brazilians to improvise. For the inexperienced European visitor, the time before the big Carnival procession starts looks like pure chaos. It is to an absolute amazement, that just a few minutes or even seconds before the procession starts to move, participating Carnival groups miraculously organise themselves in almost no time and the procession starts to move in perfect condition.

And our Doodle team in Brazil sees a good uptake of polls created with carnival organisation going on. Brazilians meet with the help of Doodle, they organise their food and drinks for the festivities – great use cases in our eyes, keep on doodling for the festivity of the year in Brazil.

Happy celebrating!

Michael Brecht
Carnival in Rio organised with Doodle
Carnival in Rio organised with Doodle