The Power of Organisation by Você S/A magazine in Brazil

It is a real pleasure to announce that I was interviewed by the Brazilian Você S/A magazine. The main topic of their January edition is productivity. They asked a small number of Brazilian celebrities (executives, entrepreneurs, a singer, a TV chef…) how they aim to be productive and how they keep their busy schedules – the questions all entered around the important topic of time-management.
Interview in Brazilian Business Magazine
Interview in Brazilian Business Magazine
No, I am not a Brazilian celebrity :), however in the second part of the article “The power of organisation” (O poder da organização) the magazine also mentions Doodle and our Productivity Book and cites me as such as ‘in many countries productivity is understood as good time management, like making the most out of your invested time, and this demands organisation’. Asked about a typical example for what productive people do I am quoted ‘having a look one day ahead at the tasks you want to achieve the next day’.
Você S/A (a translation would be “You Inc.”) is one of the biggest monthly business magazines in Brazil and has a circulation of more than 130,000 copies. The magazine is a practical tool for the upper management in the Brazilian economy. It provides editorial content as well as solutions and guidance for professionals including questions about their financial and family life.
Thanks for the opportunity to be featured in this business magazine, I am really excited to see how well our Productivity Book is doing in Brazil and other countries in South America and that productivity in fact is a global topic itself.